Monday, 27 February 2012

Bits and Pieces of Patung, Phuket!

For this post I would only post pictures of Phuket. A picture speaks a thousand words. Phuket has very beautiful and breathtaking beaches. Do visit Phuket if you love going to beaches and swimming in seas!

Love this the most! 
Thai Boxing! Must watch!

My hotel is opposite Hard Rock!

Patung city view

Roof Top Swimming Pool 

Sun Set

Hard Rock Night View


The Port


More waves
An island. 
Seafood is the best over there. Must try!

Green curry


Cloudy sky

Another Island

Bird Nest Cave

Another view of Bird Nest Cave

Love the color of the sea water

A boat
Another scenery of an Island
Moving boat
Taken from below the trees
Bye Bye Phuket


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